May 24, 2007

maui (photos above)

Maui was beautiful and mystical...and pricey. Its hard to imagine that these islands started out as a mounds of molten rock rising from a hot spot in the floor of the Pacific Ocean. Or that human discovery came only after a group of Polynesians watched the direction of incoming and outgoing birds migrating from Alaska, and decided set out in wood boats, confident that dry land must be somewhere in the opposing direction.
Our families met up with us for seven days together. We spent time snorkeling after large green sea turtles in the shallow bays of South Kihei, BBQing ahi tuna on the beach, floating in the Olivine pools in West Maui, winding endlessly along the beautiful Hana highway, and walking through other-worldly botanical gardens. The lighting in the afternoons and early evenings was incredible.. especially atop the 10,000' summit of Haleakala during sunset. It was refreshing, relaxing, and energizing... find a way to Hawaii!

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