June 22, 2007

Lyon 2 (France)

The Central Media Library by Dominique Perrault utilized alternately inverted perforated metal panels/channels behind glass, breaking down the scale of the facade and creating texture, while simultaneously screening the interior from direct sunlight. From the interior, the screens were transparent (see photo). All functions on the interior were pulled in from the perimeter which was used for circulation.

Next was the Balloon Box, by Rue Royale Architects. This addition appeared to be budget-driven. A super graphic of pixelated ivy was printed onto large sheets of plastic laminate, with multiple layers of a clear coating to allow for exterior application. You might have seen an advertisement in a magazine from the plastic laminate manufacturer showing this, it was widely published. Upon getting a closer look it was disturbing to see that the top layer of plastic coating is peeling off severely in many corners of the panels. In some instances there are bubbles or pockets created by the combination of sun and rain. Although it was conceived as a creative solution, it unfortunately is not weathering well, which detracts from the overall vision.

The Lyon-Santolas Aeroport Railway Station by Santiago Calatrava... or "bad-ass monster" for short. This has to be one of the greatest examples of what Calatrava is capable of. The combination of thin rib-shaped and bone-like concrete forms along with steel arcs and frames shows his pure engineering genius. Walking around it and through it was exciting, the light and shadow had us trigger-happy with our cameras... see the photos they speak for themselves!


  1. I just saw that you gonna be in Berlin as well. Check out this link... http://www.swissinfo.org/ger/multimedia/index.html?siteSect=15002&sid=7820974&gallery=y

  2. Severin... thanks for the link... we visited most of those projects a few weeks ago in Berlin.. so much to see there... a week wasn't long enough!


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