June 4, 2007

Montreal - Mutek Festival 2 - Piknic

The Mutek Piknic series takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau under a large and unforgettable sculpture by Alexander Calder. The surrounding grounds are littered with old pavillions from the 1967 World Expo, including the U.S. geodesic dome entry from Buckminster Fuller. The scene was very relaxed, with people sprawled-out on the perimeter picnicing, eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping... kids running around and so on. In the middle under the sculpture was the stage and a dancing area that was active for the duration.

Saturday was the microhouse acts... strong across the boards starting with Claude von Stroke, then MY MY, then Chic Minature, and concluding with a great set by Audion (Matthew Dear).

Sunday was the techno finale kicked-off with a dj set from Jesse Somfray, followed by live acts from Digitaline and Heartthrob. Sutekh then came on with a wildly varied set plush with new material which was a great lead into the final and possibly most anticipated act of the festival, a dj set from the famed Wighnomy Brothers. The brothers were hilarious... definitely sauced but somehow delivering a lot of great material none-the-less. Though hazy both days, the temperature was ideal and the lack of direct sunlight kept our stamina up.

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  1. cool music outside, under the sunny! what a great way to play out! i also went to see audion in munich! it was a really nice liveset..


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